Hand Made Stained Glass

Custom Glass Orders

      We can custom build any glass panel you wish. We have many different colors, styles, and types of glass, and can use lead came or foil to put them together with. If you wish, we can also enclose your work or art in a wooden frame, suitable for hanging.

      You can either email, call, or fax your request, and I will call you back personally to discuss your pattern, choices of glass, and cost. Patterns may either be Emailed, or faxed, along with approximate dimensions of the finished work. If you like, you can visit the workshop, and see our stock of glass in person, to assist in chosing the perfect color, texture, and style.

      Prices are dependent on the size and complexity of the work, the number of individual glass pieces, and the market prices for the glass, lead came or foil, and for the time required to hand-shape the glass, and solder the pieces together. Upon seeing  your pattern, I can provide an estimate to you. Any changes to the estimate as work progresses will be discussed with you first.



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