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     Thank you for coming to Ralenda's Stained Glass. In these pages, I have placed many custom made works of art that I have made. Many of these works are from freely available and popular patterns, and some are completely custom. I produce both general pieces to sell, as well as producing custom made-to-order works for the specific needs of my customers.

     I produce each piece of stained glass by hand, the old fashoned way. I use real hand cut stained glass and lead came, which are arranged and then soldered together. I then cement the glass in place, filling any gaps between the glass and the came, making the work sturdy and weather proof. Panels are surrounded with a zinc or lead frame, and on some items a wood frame is made and the whole panel is sealed inside.  Also, some pieces already have hangers, and some do not. If you have a prefrence or questions about framing or hangers, please send an Email to ralenda@maplerunfarm.net.

         Please feel free to send my any suggestions, comments, or patterns that you would like to see turned into stained glass artwork. Also, if you find any errors, or experience any problems, please let me know. Your satisfaction is our goal!

         Please note that we ship to the contenental United States only. Orders will not be accepted outside of the country.

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